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PowerPoint Spice

Cool Tricks to Spice up Your Presentations

Here’s my latest video about how to make your own Augmented Reality experiences with PowerPoint and a cool free app called Aurasma.

Hope you enjoy!


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The Spicy PowerPoint Animations Course is here! Check out this link for the special launch promo (expires Friday, March 31):

Here’s what the Course includes:
• 19 videos, each under 15 mins (except one), totaling nearly 3 hours of training.
• You’ll build with me a complex animation sequence of 15 slides and over 150 animations that will have you saying ‘Wow, I built that!’
• 16 animation techniques like “The Transformer,” “The Picto,” “The Flying Letters,” etc.
• Best practices like setting up your ‘Spice Rack,’ and Animation StackingTM.
• The Resource Guide with over 20 pages of instruction summaries, extra tips and examples, and alternative ways to do the tricks we cover in the course. (This will also get updated as I get FAQs or come up with more ideas).
• The Reference File, which includes all the final slides we’ll be building together.

If you’re not interested in the course, that’s totally cool, but definitely watch this video for the sample bounce effect, which adds some subtle spice to your boring, average motion path.

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Weirdly cool smoky text animation effect in PowerPoint! I discovered this by accident when playing with the Morph transition. I’m not even sure that Microsoft meant for this to even be an option – so hope you enjoy!

Links from the video:

Office 365 free trial: (for US – other countries, just google “free trial” of Office in your country) to make raster images into vector images. is where I got the lamp – you can get lots of other great images there – download the EPS file and insert into PPT and Ungroup twice to get vectors recognized.

Black Chancery font:….

Let me know what you think, and if you have other ideas for videos, please send my way so I can stick into the queue!


Microsoft’s new Paint 3D is coming out soon – and it will totally revolutionize our PowerPoint presentations. Paint 3D is launching in 2017 as part of the Windows 10 Creator Update – with eventual PowerPoint integration with the Morph transition. Presentations will never be the same, as we’ll be able to add cool 3D graphics easily into our presentations.

I was so excited I couldn’t wait to try it.

You can get Paint 3D as a preview already in some countries, including the US, as part of the Windows Insider program. Therefore, I wanted to do this tutorial so that once you get access to the program, you can get started right away with the tricks in here.

Here is the graffiti giveaway I mention:

Hope you enjoy!

Here is the link to the Microsoft article with how to download the Paint 3D preview as part of the Windows Insider Program:

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My UPDATED way to make a cool PowerPoint photo mosaic! For this tutorial, I’ve teamed up with Taylor Croonquist from Nuts & Bolts Speed Training to show you a crazy new way to do this PowerPoint trick – much faster and easier than before.

Check out these links:

Taylor’s free mini-course to save 40 hours in PowerPoint:

Taylor’s YouTube Channel – PowerPoint for Business Professionals:

Free download to get you started with this tutorial:

My Spicy Slide Pack to get all my slides:

I am also working on captions for this video – should be done in a day or two.

Thanks for watching, and let me know what other application ideas you have for this trick!

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Crazy Paint Splash / Explosion Effect in PowerPoint – check out the free download file here: – you can do this with a variety of styles, colors, and effects – lots of examples shown so use your creativity to make your own!

If you want the full slides to this video (and my other videos) check out my spicy slide pack:

All images taken from my FAVORITE vector site,

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Pokémon GO has been taking over the world, and now you can make Pokémon style animation effects for your presentations – and stand out in a BIG way!

Check out the free download here:

If you want to get the ready-made slides with the built-in animations (so you can capture anyone you want in the ball!), you can get them as part of my Spicy Slide Pack here, which contains slides from my other videos as well.

Check out the Spicy Slide Pack here:

This is a very complex animation sequence, but it was all made completely in PowerPoint – so if you get the free download and watch the tutorial, you’ll have what you need to fully recreate the capturing animation effects yourself and wow your audience.

In the free download, you get the different versions of the ball, which I made myself using PowerPoint’s shapes, as well as a cute bouncing bunny, since I’m not able to give away the Pikachu, and a custom designed background landscape.

Hopefully this video inspires you to try to recreate some of your favorite game or cartoon animations on your own. I am far from an artist myself, but after studying the following Pokémon capturing video about a million times (pausing very frequently), I was able to translate these effects in a believable way into PowerPoint.

The video I used for inspiration (Pokémon Capturing Explained):

Let me know what else you come up with or if you have other ideas for cool effects. Enjoy!

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