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PowerPoint Spice

Cool Tricks to Spice up Your Presentations

This PowerPoint tutorial shows how to make a criss-cross reveal effect, then have the sky (or any background) move behind it.

It also shows how to remove backgrounds of virtually anything — even in earlier versions of PPT — both in a sophisticated and in a fairly caveman way.

You can recreate everything I did – all media was found on MS Office Website ( with the following file names:

Tower picture: “Skyscraper in Frankfurt”
Sky picture: “MP900401516”
Opening music — “Latte and Scone” (ms910218980)
Window picture: “MP900314138”
Porthole picture: “MC900024623”
Diver animation: “Diver swimming along side tropical fish”
Closing music: “Caribbean Dance 1”

Good luck!


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