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PowerPoint Spice

Cool Tricks to Spice up Your Presentations

Here is another neat trick to add to your advanced PowerPoint toolkit. This is a fun animated scale that you can repurpose for a variety of different projects.

Thank you for watching!

While I show you how to build the scale yourself in the video, here is how to get a pre-made vector one like in the intro portion:

Go to the MS office clip art website (, then search “scales of justice” and find my scale, hit “copy” and paste into your PPT (or download and insert), right click and select “ungroup,” then say “ok” to the message, and hit “ungroup” again. Now group the 2 white bars together and you should be ready to go. You can use the 2 balances there or make your own like I did — using the same technique as in this video.

If you want more info on vector images, you can check out my “Custom animations” video here:


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