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PowerPoint Spice

Cool Tricks to Spice up Your Presentations

Check out this crazy tutorial for how to make a hologram of yourself in PowerPoint!  While actual holograms are still a few years away, you can get a small taste of the future with this cool effect.

All you need for this trick is the following:

*A screen to project on – could be your phone, a tablet, a computer (I flipped mine over to do this) or even a TV.

*A hologram pyramid – you can make these yourself by following tutorials like this on YouTube (, or you can buy it from Amazon, like I did, since I was too lazy to make it : )  (

*A video for your hologram.  You can find lots of these already made on YouTube by searching “hologram” or “hologram pyramid” – for example one like this:

In this video, I’ll show you how to make what I call a hologram selfie video using just PowerPoint and its video effects.  It is really fun to make your own videos for the pyramid – and especially ones of your hologram self.  Hope you enjoy!

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