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Cool Tricks to Spice up Your Presentations

Pokémon GO has been taking over the world, and now you can make Pokémon style animation effects for your presentations – and stand out in a BIG way!

Check out the free download here:

If you want to get the ready-made slides with the built-in animations (so you can capture anyone you want in the ball!), you can get them as part of my Spicy Slide Pack here, which contains slides from my other videos as well.

Check out the Spicy Slide Pack here:

This is a very complex animation sequence, but it was all made completely in PowerPoint – so if you get the free download and watch the tutorial, you’ll have what you need to fully recreate the capturing animation effects yourself and wow your audience.

In the free download, you get the different versions of the ball, which I made myself using PowerPoint’s shapes, as well as a cute bouncing bunny, since I’m not able to give away the Pikachu, and a custom designed background landscape.

Hopefully this video inspires you to try to recreate some of your favorite game or cartoon animations on your own. I am far from an artist myself, but after studying the following Pokémon capturing video about a million times (pausing very frequently), I was able to translate these effects in a believable way into PowerPoint.

The video I used for inspiration (Pokémon Capturing Explained):

Let me know what else you come up with or if you have other ideas for cool effects. Enjoy!


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