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PowerPoint Spice

Cool Tricks to Spice up Your Presentations

Microsoft’s new Paint 3D is coming out soon – and it will totally revolutionize our PowerPoint presentations. Paint 3D is launching in 2017 as part of the Windows 10 Creator Update – with eventual PowerPoint integration with the Morph transition. Presentations will never be the same, as we’ll be able to add cool 3D graphics easily into our presentations.

I was so excited I couldn’t wait to try it.

You can get Paint 3D as a preview already in some countries, including the US, as part of the Windows Insider program. Therefore, I wanted to do this tutorial so that once you get access to the program, you can get started right away with the tricks in here.

Here is the graffiti giveaway I mention:

Hope you enjoy!

Here is the link to the Microsoft article with how to download the Paint 3D preview as part of the Windows Insider Program:

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