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PowerPoint Spice

Cool Tricks to Spice up Your Presentations

The Spicy PowerPoint Animations Course is here! Check out this link for the special launch promo (expires Friday, March 31):

Here’s what the Course includes:
• 19 videos, each under 15 mins (except one), totaling nearly 3 hours of training.
• You’ll build with me a complex animation sequence of 15 slides and over 150 animations that will have you saying ‘Wow, I built that!’
• 16 animation techniques like “The Transformer,” “The Picto,” “The Flying Letters,” etc.
• Best practices like setting up your ‘Spice Rack,’ and Animation StackingTM.
• The Resource Guide with over 20 pages of instruction summaries, extra tips and examples, and alternative ways to do the tricks we cover in the course. (This will also get updated as I get FAQs or come up with more ideas).
• The Reference File, which includes all the final slides we’ll be building together.

If you’re not interested in the course, that’s totally cool, but definitely watch this video for the sample bounce effect, which adds some subtle spice to your boring, average motion path.

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